Hello, my name is Nimae and with my husband Mark and now five kids, have happily juggled the roles of Mom and Dad, working as medical doctors while raising children and pursuing our shared passion for travel. Over the years, we have traveled for work, fun, and obligation with trips as short as a weekend and as long as three months (we were both on sabbatical between jobs 😊). Having met 20 years ago and being married for 13, we have had numerous travels together and apart but we both agree our most memorable travels have been with the kids. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this year has been our most daunting for travel yet. We know not much travel is happening but we anticipate there will be a return to travel more than before once it is safe to do so.

Before the challenge of the pandemic, like many families in the diaspora, we would travel with our children to visit family which in our case is mostly in Cameroon. However, a couple years ago we decided to travel Africa beyond what we fondly referred to as “home” and share new experiences together while learning the uniqueness of each location yet identifying other unifying similarities across the continent.  We recognize traveling the continent can be challenging particularly with children and we often get the question: “How do you travel with all those kids?”  We created this blog not only to chronicle and share our travel experiences but to also provide up to date recommendations and choices  for families especially parents like ourselves who want to travel with their children to create impressions and memories in fun and exciting locations in Africa past those familiar places and spaces they once called home.

Homecoming 2020! Welcoming the newest addition to our growing family!

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